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Prices vary for deliveries to foreign countries.

Estimated delivery time ranges from 5-30 days

(depending on the country)

You can order by shop button, e-mail or via Instagram message.

You can send your own jacket or choose one of ours. If you send your own jacket, you’ll get a 10% - 15% discount depending on

the design you choose.

You can choose from the designs in our gallery, or you can send us your own design

to get information about the pricing.


Our jackets are hand washable

at 30 degrees (ºC), 

The jackets are also suitable for rainy days.



How much do the designs cost?

For price information, visit our Designs Page, or simply ask about the prices of your own designs by email or via Instagram message.

Do the colors bleed?

No. All jackets are hand washable at 30 degrees (ºC). You shouldn’t leave the jacket under the sun. You can also use them comfortably on rainy days.

What if I don’t like the design of my jacket anymore?

We can change the design on the jacket over and over again, whenever you like. All you have to do is send your jacket to us

When will the order be delivered?

Prices vary for deliveries to foreign countries. Estimated delivery time ranges from 5-30 days

(depending on the country)

Can I choose my own design instead of choosing one of yours?


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